The NTUST Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL), established in 1998, offers four degree programs: a four-year Bachelor’s program, a two-year Bachelor’s program (open to students holding an A.A., or equivalent), a Master’s program for day students, and a Master’s for evening students.


The department currently has 18 full-time teachers who aim to cultivate specialists in fields that require a high level of proficiency in English or other foreign languages. The basic curriculum comprises intensive English listening comprehension, speaking and oral communication, reading, writing, translation, and interpretation. We also offer courses in Western literature and culture, linguistics, and teaching theory. Professionally oriented courses cover three fields: English teaching, translation and interpretation, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) such as tourism, technology, business and finance. The curriculum also includes beginning to advanced courses in a variety of second foreign languages, including Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.


Our approach to teaching features small class sizes and student-centered learning, providing an environment in which teachers and students can interact closely. Our faculty also focus on guiding students to become proficient in practical skills involving, for example, team work, leadership, presentation, and project organization. In addition, we aim for every student to become adept at higher-level skills such as research and critical thinking. Many of our faculty members are also involved in cooperative projects with various industries, including hospitality, merchandising, media, publishing, education, and creative industries—thus giving them up-to-date insights for helping students prepare for the future.


The department hosts a biennial conference on Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching (ALLT), a highly regarded gathering that attracts top scholars from around the world. The ALLT also provides a valuable platform for student researchers to share their work professionally. In addition, a high level of student involvement in organizing and running the conference offers practical experience in event planning, translation and interpretation, and hosting international guests.


Other opportunities are provided by our academic exchange program with schools in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., for which student stipends are available; an English-teaching certification program; research project grants for undergraduates and graduates; and a graduate program featuring a fully English-taught curriculum and a high ratio of international students. In addition, the department offers inter-university elective courses in cooperation with National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University, two of the top educational institutions in Taiwan.


Internships are another highlight of the AFL department. Many students work as part-time interns during the semester, or full-time during the summer and winter breaks. They work in a wide variety of businesses, including tour agencies, manufacturing and trade, insurance, IT industries, and educational institutions. Many students can also quality to receive academic credit for their internships.


After graduating, our students go on to work in a wide variety of fields in which a high level of English proficiency gives them a decided advantage. These include translation and interpretation, language education, business and trade, travel and tourism, hotels and hospitality, print and broadcast media, advertising and public relations, marketing, publishing, finance and banking, civil service, and technology-related industries. A high percentage of our students also pursue advanced studies in graduate programs both domestically and abroad.