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Call for Abstracts (誠摯敬邀)
2012 International Conference on Applied Linguistics & Language Teaching (ALLT)
   Date: April 19 -21, 2012
Site: National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (NTUST), Taipei, Taiwan
Conference Themes (會議主題):
I. Special Topics

l   Globalization

l   Project-based teaching & learning

l   Product-based teaching & learning

l   ESP/LSP/ EAP teaching

l   CALL & Web-based approaches

l   Task-based approaches

l   Content-based approaches

l   Theme-based approaches

l   Discourse analysis & Text analysis

l   Integration of linguistics & applied linguistics

II. General Topics
l   Language policy
l   Applied English curriculum design
l   4 skills & language learning, assessment and testing
l   Listening instruction
l   Writing instruction Teaching materials design
l   L2 teaching and learning
l   Translation and Interpretation
l   Corpus-based approaches: teaching & learning
l   Mixed levels: teaching, design and management
l   Other topics in English and Chinese teaching and learning
     1.       William Wang (Chair Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong; fellow, Academia Sinica)
2.       Ovid Tzeng (Fellow, Academia Sinica)
3.       John Flowerdew (City University of Hong Kong)
4.       Lynne Flowerdew (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
5.       Yukio Tono (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
6.       Wai Meng Chan (National University of Singapore)
7.       Michael Handford (Tokyo University)
8.   TBA

Featured Colloquiums

1.      Flowerdew & Flowerdew: Discourse

2.      Feng-Fu Tsao, Eunice Shih, Wu-Chang Chang, His-Nan Yeh: Nine Year Curriculum: Retrospect and Prospect

3.      Chiou-Lan Chern, Hui-Tzu Min, Sy-Ying Lee, Yuh-Show Cheng, etc: Dialogue between Reading and Writing

4.      Grover K. H. Yu: ESP-related topic

5.      Shou-Gui Joe, Huei-Chun Teng: Vocational English Education

6.      Hao-Jan Chen, Jason S. Chang, Meei-Ling Liaw...: CALL

7.      TBA

1.      Chen-Ching Li (Chair Professor, Department of English, Shih Hsin University)
2.      Yuhua Ji (Chairperson, English Department, Xiamen University)
3.      David Tugwell (Lexical Computing Ltd)
Ø   Important dates
■Abstract due:   abstract of no more than 350 words to send via email: (allt@mail.ntust.edu.tw) Please also fill in the author's information form!
Please check             □Paper       □Student Session          □workshop   □colloquium
abstract due: January 05, 2012
Acceptance notification: January 16, 2012
Full paper deadline: May 31, 2012 (for the journal of SELL)
■Conference date: April 19-21, 2012           Website: http://www.afl.ntust.edu.tw/act/news.php?class=301
Conference Venue: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
■Golden Language Award
Ø   Accepted paper to send to: 
2012 International Conference, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, NTUST
43 Keelung Rd., Section 4, 106 DaAn District, Taipei, R.O.C.
(Paper submission requires 2 hardcopies; APA/MLA style; Electronic file (Word file) please mail to allt@mail.ntust.edu.tw )
Conference Chair: Dr. Shi-Shuenn Chen (President, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Conference Convener: Dr. Huei-Chun Teng (Dean, School of Humanities & Social Science)
Conference Organizer: Dr. Shih-Ping Wang  (Chairperson, Department of Applied Foreign Languages)
Contact Person: Claire Ho (assistant) Tel: 02-27303602 Fax: 02-27301112  E-mail: allt@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Advisory Board: Ministry of Education and National Science Council
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